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Jason Mitchell Fitness

I transform busy men and women’s lives by helping them build the body of their dreams in a fast, sustainable and enjoyable way.

Jason is a qualified Personal Trainer based in Galway and founder of Jason Mitchell Fitness which has been operating for over five years. Jason played Rugby throughout his childhood right into his teens having represented Connacht underage and most recently played his rugby in the AIL having taking a few years away from the sport to focus on the growth of his business. He helps his clients achieve their fat loss or muscle building goals in record time doing everything in his power to ensure you reach them taking a holistic approach as he doesn’t believe in the one size fits all fads that exist out there. Instead he believes in results that are sustainable helping you form healthy lifestyle habits that you can keep forever. He is committed to his clients success and his testimonials, transformations and well respected reputation back that up. As well as helping clients he also gives back to the community through his Business having raised over 10,000 euro for various charities in the last five years through team building and fundraising outings which are organised yearly for clients of Jason Mitchell Fitness. 

Jason Mitchell PT prepares for a daily jog in Galway, Ireland