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This is a 1-1 Online Coaching service to work with Jason directly if groups aren’t for you or you live outside of Galway and only apply if you’re ready to completely change your life for the better! Our results speak for themselves and it's something that we pride ourselves on - achieving world class, life changing results when we take on any new online member to our highly in demand JMF90 program.

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Online Coaching is fully personalized to each individual member who we work with to guarantee results which is a great option for those living outside of Galway or if you prefer online over in-person. We have lots of JMF90 members in different counties around Ireland and even further afield, because this program can be done anywhere in the world. You will receive a training program tailored specifically to you to suit any schedule on our coaching platform, recipe books in line with your calorie target and nutrition education to help develop a long lasting healthy relationship with food along with lots of accountability and support to keep you on track throughout. We expect the same commitment (if not more) from our online members.

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