Tips for exercise in winter

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The lack of motivation is something we all have experienced at some point, especially during the dark and cold days during Winter season. You might feel a bit down, cold and a bit unsure how to get a good routine running to get your body moving, to keep yourself feeling good and energised.

Here are some tips to help you move your body during this season and why it’s even more important to exercise during the winter.

  • The sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D.

The good mood and sunshine vitamin. During winter, it’s so damn cold and dark, we’re automatically missing out on our bright, sunshine friend, the sun. When it’s dark and bad weather, it would be good to think about supplementing Vit D.

Those days when the sun is out (may still be cold), get some exposure to the sun, like go for your walk or jog, as the easiest source of Vit D, is from sunlight. Just wrap up well and get the body warmed.

  • Get the blood flowing in your body.

Move, move, move your body. Once you get started moving, you’ll be glad you started. The hardest part, is getting up to do it and that initial cold feeling throughout the body.

However, that doesn’t last long, after just a couple minutes of exercising, you’ll be all warmed up. Afterwards you’ll be feeling more relaxed and motivated because you did it for yourself!

It doesn’t compare to sitting down all wrapped up in front of a heater.

  • Pick your workout days

It can be difficult to just do your workout on the whim, especially when it’s so cold. But having a plan of which days and time you will workout during the week, the more you will feel motivated to do so. Even if you can plan what you will be doing in your workouts, even better!

You can get into a routine in no time and will be feeling super fulfilled in yourself!

  • Immune Health

Exercising regularly is well proven to have a huge influence on improving immune function, and relating this to the universal struggle of COVID, trying to improve your own immunity is not only beneficial to fight off Flu’s, but also an act of self-care. How exercising helps immune health is, it creates an increase in the circulation of immune cells after your training and stress hormones decrease with exercising regularly. It will help you maintain a healthy immune system as we age.

January 28, 2022

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